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I'm an artist with a knack for paying attention to the light that is around all of us. From a very early age I thought I was going to be an actor. I wanted to be the next Jim Carrey, actin' a fool up there on that Silver Screen. In High School I was accepted into the rather prestigious WPHS, the in-school news show, where-in I learned how to shoot, edit, and direct videos (as well as how to effectively ditch my math classes with my press pass). That first moment I held a camera in my hands I knew I had found my place. As fun as it is to be a goober in front of the camera, my calling had presented itself behind the lens. In 2010 I graduated from Pace High School with Honors and made my way to Tallahassee to join the even more prestigious Media Production Program at the Florida State University where I ended up graduating with a Bachelor's of Science Cum Laude... can I get a Go Noles!? While I attended FSU, I was a part of Seminole Productions where I shot Florida State Football, Basketball, and a myriad of other sports for both the Jumbotron and, on occasion, ESPN2. I also received second place in a video competition for the International Students Program following my semester of studies abroad in London. It was in London that one of my peers had brought his Canon t3i, and it was there that I fell in love with stills. As soon as I returned home I quickly purchased a Canon t3i and the rest is history. Since 2012 I have been shooting both video and stills and doing everything I can to show the world through my eyes. From music videos, to corporate commercials, to wedding photography, to real-estate images, to nature photography, I've dipped my toes in just about every pool involving a camera. In 2016, I took to the road with my beautiful girlfriend, Miriam, where we tent-camped our way across the country, dirty-hippy-style, so I could work towards strengthening my portfolio in my favorite subject matters, nature and landscape photography. After three months of learning that I love beds and air conditioning, Miriam and I have decided to bed down in my home-town of Pensacola to start a life together. Since we arrived back I have created works for an ample amount of customers and am always looking to hone my craft.

TL;DR I take pictures and probably did some stuff.

Let's capture some most excellent moments together!

Email: jss10h@icloud.com                                   Phone:  850-375-0837

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